We have bunnies in many different varieties such as dwarf, lion head, rex, and dutch to name a few. Selection changes weekly.
There are usually have 4 to 6 guinea pigs to choose from in stock in different colors and styles. American and Abyssinianbut are our most popular guinea pigs. Sometime we also have teddy bears in stock. Hamsters varieties include dwarf, teddy bear, short hair, and occasionally black bear.


Ferrets are fun an playful, especially when they are from Marshall Farms like ours.
One of our favorites are the intelligent and affectionate fancy colored rats. We breed these rats on premises using the most docile of parents to give you a beautiful and friendly companion.


We have a lot of great products to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. To save some money, checkout the bulk food selection and pay about half price on foods. We also carry a wide selection of tasty treats for all from Kaytee and Vitakraft. Keep your little guys teeth healthy with wood or pumice chew toys. Complete kits for bunnies, guinea pigs and ferrets will save you some money if you are just starting out. All the needed accessories are always available like bedding, water bottles, dishes, hides, running balls and wheels to fit all sizes. Our Timothy and Alfalfa hays are good to give your bunnies, guinea pigs and Chinchillas. We carry the full line of Critter trail that has a great selection of hamster cages and cage accessories that make having a hamster just fun. Free advise from our knowledgeable staff will always help you get you what you need.