If you’ve never had a reptile for a pet than you are missing out. Most are low maintenance, easy and fun to care for. Lizards like bearded dragons, anoles, uromastyx, leopard geckos and iguanas and others are available. For snakes we have ball pythons, red tailed boas, and sometimes corn, king, and milk snakes. Pet frogs include fire belly toads, green tree frogs, whites tree frogs, pacman and giant pixie frogs. We even have a few tarantulas and scorpions on hand all the time. Our staff at Livingston’s knows how to help you take care of all your reptile needs.


Keeping a reptile happy and healthy is easy with a little help from us. Reptile lighting, heating, bedding, bowls, and so much more from Zoo Med are top quality products that we carry. Nature zone makes some great foods for iguanas, bearded dragons, and tortoises. Turtle foods, docks, filters, heating and lighting are also available. We have hermit crab foods, shells, sponges and heating supplies. For live foods we offer mice in six different sizes from pinkies to large mice all in live or frozen. We have three different sizes of crickets including the largest crickets available in the triple cities. Our Meal worms and the much larger superworms most reptile like. We are the only store in town to sell dubia roaches, and we offer them in in 3 different sizes. They sound like a nasty alterative to crickets and superworms but reptiles really like them and they are very nutritious. Free samples of dubias and advice are available to customers wanting to try them for the first time. If you have large snakes we have live and frozen rats in small, medium, large, and colossal sizes to choose from. Our staff knows our reptiles and reptile products well and are happy to help you with all your questions and reptile needs.